AI Class | AI Are Going To Change The World, And How Can Your Kids Prepare For It?

From coding and programming, to electronics, AI and Internet of Things

Let’s start off with clearing the doubts. Computer and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are different things. Computer is like our bodies. AI is like our brain. AI is what enables computer to act and think like a human. The key components to AI are:

Example of AI

Ever called some service centre and having some robot-like sound responding to you? Those are called Virtual Customer Assistance (VCA). In order to have a very ideal and humanlike output, massive data and processing power are lacking. So if you ever had a bad experience with the VCA, it means they have to improve on their data and processing power.

AI vs Human

As we are leaping into IR 4.0, AI is playing an extremely important role. The amount of data being processed by humans and machines in a day outpaces human ability to absorb. Thus, we need the help of AI. Despite what an AI can do can be done by humans too, AIs are more efficient in terms of time and accuracy. Human abilities may be affected by numerous factors such as fatigue, feelings, etc while AI can never be inaccurate, unless the data input is incorrect. Moreover, humans require rest time while AI do not. What they need is an electric power supply and they can keep running. These sum up to a minimal downtime and maximum output.

In order to prepare your kids to be ready for the world of AI, here are the areas of concern Chumbaka have pinpointed.

1. Facilities

While google is the answer to most things, the kids can start exploring through the internet. The very first step is to have a computer. All of these AI, IoT, etc start from coding. It is not necessary to start coding by going to school, classes, etc. The kids can start coding at home. Just by typing how to start coding into YouTube and BAM, here you go a list of tutorials on how to start. Although these YouTube videos cannot answer the kids’ questions and doubts, at least they can be their starters, right? Facilities like expensive desktop setup, going to school, classes, courses, etc can come later. After the kids have developed interest in coding, understand the basics to AI and wish to go further, parents can have them attend some proper classes. While it is not necessary for us, Chumbaka, to setup a learning centre everywhere around the world, we do work with schools, learning centres as they can incorporate our classes into their timetable. Also, Chumbaka are providing technical support, annual material update and management review for these schools and learning centres. Whatever the kids need for their education, we have got them all. So, don’t be sad if you found out Chumbaka is not there in your region. Worry not! Reach out to us and we can make it happen!

2. Teachers

As mentioned before, google can be your teacher. Thus, as a starter, to try out, to see if your kids have interest in coding, have them explore around the internet. Here are some recommendations: 

But google may not be able to explain and answer exactly to your exact questions sometimes. As they get to know more on coding and wish to learn further and eventually learn AI, they need a teacher. I mean a real teacher who can answer to your doubts and queries. As not every information will be key into google. There are data where google have not process too! HUMAN knowledge is still the most previous and powerful thing in this world!

Not only Chumbaka provides classes for kids, we do provide startup training for teacher as well.  

3. Curriculum

Curriculum plays a big part as a good sequence and content can make difference. There are numerous learning centres and schools out there. With different reviews and feedbacks. We here at Chumbaka cannot make sure that our curriculum is the best among all, but we can ensure you that our curriculum will fit your kids well. As we have designed a series of courses which consist different phases. We need to ensure the kids have understood and master the specific course before advancing to the next phase as a strong fundamental is what we emphasize. Our courses are also linked with one another, as jumping into a non-related topic can cripple the kids mind as not all kids have the ability to absorb large amount of knowledge at a time. We start from developing their interest in coding to develop self-learning practices and finally to develop personal goal. Click here to checkout Chumbaka’s core curriculum.

As the world advance, the use of AI is rising too.

It is not too late now to have our kids to prepare for the world of AI as well as IR4.0 which is soon to come. They ought to understand how these stuffs around us operate. Do not take things for granted. Instead of having people around us contributing to us, we and our kids should too, contribute to the world and the community! 


Question 1: Are we legit?
Worry not! We are CPD Certified! 

Question 2: How is our educating system?
We use LMS Dashboard which is user friendly and efficient in obtaining the kids’ progress and learning outcome!